About Us

Fair Stand, Design and Applications of Special Decorations
It’s a magnificent opportunity to show everyone your company! To reach the customer that you need or dealer is so easy now, thanks to exhibitions which held almost for each sectors. To top it all off, if you make it with stand projects which are meticulously designed by our arcitecture and brought to life thanks to our installation team’s helps.
In the field of fair stand and special decoration we are actively working for 13 years. As we provide service to all of Turkey and the European countries, thanks to our master installation team who has high spirit of design, we would like to be your solution partner in Russia and in Turkic republics as well. We are always ready to project your dreams and then make them real!

All of our expectation from “consultancy” concept which does not accept relativity is that the person before us should be qualified and experienced enough according to our needs. That’s exactly what we mean for       “ consultancy ”. Rather than going towards masteringin any certain discipline and uniformity, we prefer to provide services to sectors which are totally different from each other and better understand the needs and dynamics of different fields which is necessary in the World of marketing.The reason why we can offer you more creative and more reliable alternatives is the reserchs and implements which we made in various sectors and so we can offer to your company more creative and more original solutions. Our goal is to realize the ideas which you imagined not the average expectations as company princciple we never cooperate with competing companies at the same field at the same time and this is the biggest helper of us in this originality.We try to find your dreams, not to your average expectations. We offer to you new ideas and we convert them into viable projects.

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is one of the fields which we have to play the game by rules. Our basic prenciple for our customers that we gave name or later we have inherited their work, is to determine the needs that would occur in the future, by setting goals and to foresee any risk and the opportunity and to direct you on your behalf. Our success is the definition of story written for brand positioning and how many links of this story is found in real life.

Visual Design

It is all about concern with to be different and create a reflection of you. If we think about the visual and formal expression that during a day we are exposed, it is certain that mind always remains designs, which reflect your company spirit and are staggeringly different. As Designport , our main goal is never give up our efforts of capture what is different.

Web Design

In today's conditions even most small-scale entrepreneurs have a web-site. But according to our perspective, quality is more important than presence. Sometimes only presence not enough. Yes, you have, but how? So how is your web-site design?

Advertising Campaign
The largest known brands in the ads is engraved in the memory for years. Sometimes even a little tune brings to mind that brand suddenly. The essence of work, of course, good advertising which created in accordance with an wisely established scenario and allows consumers to see the elements that the company's competent.
Each ads, which wisely founded and create awareness, move its brand to the top!

Promotional Video-Trailer

In the field of promotional videos, we try to do it simple, focus on the expectations of the target audience and to find the best way to introduce the product. Of course, we do all of these, sharing film technology's all facilities that knew us with you!

Social Media

Companies that difficulty to adapt to this technology growing like an avalanche, unfortunately are bound to remain on the back burner. In this competitive environment, our goal is to move one step your company ahead of the other competing companies.
It shouldn't be so difficult to find you at this time that everything is  accessible with one "click"!

We organize all of launch and dealer meeting which you planning to do, while you are busy with everyday work intensity. We help you to achieve much more than your aim, planning day by day and hour by hour the flow of organization with our professional team.  Whatever comes to your mind, like Invitations, transportation, accommodation and entertainment etc... Everthing is under our control!